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Building A Solid Foundation For Longevity in Your Career
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Building and Sustaining a Career For The Long TermDon't Be A One Hit Wonder (If You Are Even Lucky Enough To Have One Hit)

Approach Your Career With A Team of Experienced Professionals

Developing and sustaining a music career is one of the most challenging things to do in the music business. Over 80k songs are released each day globally, making the music market heavily saturated.

As an artist, you MUST stand out. Being original is the best thing you can do! We work with our artists in a highly connective manner and will guide you on a path where you will manifest success through learning about your personality and what makes you unique. By having reasonable goals, a high work ethic, a unique approach to music creation, and right team by your side Рthe sky is the limit.

True Artist DevelopmentOne of the Most Basic Human Needs is Support. With Us, You Will Always Have Our Full Support and Attention

It is common for musicians and artists to be making music alone, in bedrooms, dorms, or other isolated caves where creativity thrives. We understand that you need a team of people around you who believe in your music, and have a passion for seeing others achieve their dreams.

Uninvented Records is not just a record label, Uninvented Records a community of like-minded and like-hearted creative people working together. Our Label, which can be UR Label (pun intended) is all about connection, service, and making the world a better place through music, art, and creativity.

Myths and Facts About For Producers To UnderstandThe Music Production Industry's Goal is to Sell Products and Make Money Off Passionate People

The music production industry has made a killing in the last 5 years marketing plugins to producers. While it is empowering that anyone can make music on a tablet, many producers lack an experiential discipline in audio engineering. There is no praise given for simply “being a producer” which takes a lot of time to develop a true skillset. We at UR support our artists for being talented songwriters and producers!

Our mission is to enable our artists to become better songwriters, sound designers,¬†musicians, composers, and producers. The most important aspect of the music making process is ALWAYS the song itself. Without a good song, there is really not much to talk about. Let’s be real – there are only so many hours in a day! It is simply unrealistic to write, produce, mix, master, graphic design, promote, advertise, manage social channels, (and more) while still having a life! NO ARTIST CAN DO IT ALL ALONE!

A Professional Studio and Music Business Team At Your DisposalIt Is Vital That Our Artists' Sound and Look "Pro AF."

The truth of the matter is all major artists have a team. This team, next to always features such people as a mixing engineer, a mastering engineer (who both work in a treated room, with high-end monitoring, and have ears which have been in the game for decades), a publicist, a PR firm, an agent, a manager, an advertising company, a merchandiser, an artist development firm, a graphic designer, a social media team, and much more.

We offer professional studio services to all our artists. We are a reflection of one another always and must make sure we stand out in this oversaturated market. We also offer artist management services and will do all we can (as your team) to steer your career in the right direction. We have over 18 years in the music industry and have experienced it all.

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Exposure and Brand Awareness Takes TimeThere is No Such Thing as an Overnight Success

Exposure is our number one mission in the music business. Our focus will be on helping each of our artists sound professional, look professional, and gain exposure. Exposure is not something that happens overnight. Many people want to make it BIG in music but do not fully comprehend the amount of work which goes into managing a career and gaining extraordinary exposure.

UR has an extensive network of companies who help our artists get seen, heard, and appreciated. We assist all our artists with music publishing to place our artists in a good position with music licensing for film, commercials, and TV. UR also has a large number of curators and repost networks working with us to get our artists music into the ears of fans.

To learn more about how we can best serve you and your career, contact us today to set up a video or phone meeting.

Connect With Us and Our Artists. We Value Relationships.

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