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We are proud to release the “Wraith EP” from Michael Rogel. For lovers of Industrial, Ambient, and Atmosphere music rooted in complex productions, this is a must listen to EP. We caught up with Michael this week to learn more about him as an artist. Check out Michael’s Artist Page HERE Who are you? I’m […]

Our top-notch artist Galactic Groove has released his 4th original single “Take Flight” and it is a dubstep trap fusion that is set to inspired anyone! This high energy dancefloor banger shows that Galactic Groove is truly a multi-dimensional artist. He is truly starting to find “his sound” while enjoying the art of being highly […]

We are proud to announce the new single from Galactic Groove called “Can’t F*** with Us.” Galactic Groove (Jeremiah Jones) is an American Music Producer, Composer, Drummer, DJ, Father, and emerging artist. Galactic Groove is heavily inspired by contemporary EDM, dubstep and trap music while staying true to his roots in rock and metal. Galactic Groove’s […]

Q: SO “F.O.E” IS COMING OUT IN ABOUT A MONTH FROM NOW, HOW ARE YOU FEELING ABOUT THIS RELEASE? A: (Brendan) We’re crazy pumped for it! Are you kidding me?! Seriously though, we put the time, effort, blood, sweat, and tears into this one. It is who we are. it communicates that perfectly in our […]

We got a chance to catch up without newest artist CORI on his second single release (first with UR) “Tim.” CORI is a very passionate and talented producer heavily inspired by Avicii. To learn more about CORI check out his biography HERE. You can also follow CORI and learn more about his music through his artist […]

Our newest artist Galactic Groove, sat down with us to share a bit on his life, music making process, and why is loves being alive! Check out the new track “Ignition” and learn more about the artist: THE INTERVIEW Who Are You as a human and as a Music Producer? – I believe in […]

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