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We all remember that song when the girl goes “You blocked me on Facebook? Now you are going to die” Yes, we are talking about Knife Party’s “Internet Friends” which received worldwide success just a few years ago. The British and Australian iconic Drum’n’Bass band Pendulum is the brainchild of Rob Swire. For those who do not […]

5: Uppermost – Perseverance (Upwind) Perseverance offers something for music lovers of multiple EDM genres. Hard Electro, Uplifting Future Bass, Chill Atmosphere, Melodic and more. It’s rare to find an artist crossing numerous styles. 4: Keys N Crates – Cura (Dim Mak) The famous fusion/live trio delivered Cura with style. Cura is the act’s most […]

So this year started off with a massive amount of fantastic music. We are now halfway through the year and can not wait to see what the remainder of this year offers new and groundbreaking releases! Here is the Top 10 (so far). 10: 3lau – Ultraviolent (Blume) 3lau’s new album showed us that Big […]

For anyone who is following Marshmello, it is certainly news that he has returned to his OG style. His latest productions offer the “catchy tune” dynamic, detailed production work, and clear Mello style featured in his new song “Tell Me.” The new single is going to be a staple in the summer EDM festival circuit […]

Facebook activity is at an all-time high. Thankfully a new data among teens is showing that usage if finally starting to decrease. Facebook received a TON negative press in 2018. Thanks to the government questioning the ethical practices of Facebook more and more people are slowing turning their backs on Facebook and spending more time on other platforms such […]

New song by Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa “One Kiss” was just remixed by none other than Oliver Heldens. Oliver Heldens a cool new vibe to this emerging track by 2 of the biggest names right now in music. Calvin who we all know and love, paired with Dua Lipa, who is clearly one of […]

One half of Solidisco went on Youtube last night with a video accusing Cedric of plagiarism. Cedric completely took the famous Solidisco remix made back in 2013 (of the song by S.O.S band “Take your time”) and created his own “less than the original version.” Cedric named the song “Do it tonight” which is also a part of […]

French DJ/ Producer William Grigahcine widely know as DJ Snake this morning went on Twitter saying a new album is on its way. His “Encore” album came out in 2016 and the follow-up album is highly anticipated. No one yet knows what the name of the album will be or what the release date is. […]

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