NewsCedric Gervais Accused of Plagiarism

One half of Solidisco went on Youtube last night with a video accusing Cedric of plagiarism. Cedric completely took the famous Solidisco remix made back in 2013 (of the song by S.O.S band “Take your time”) and created his own “less than the original version.” Cedric named the song “Do it tonight” which is also a part of the lyrics from S.O.S’s song. In EDM there are always similarities between the tracks even sampling, but this is on a whole other level.

Take a listen for yourself, both of the songs are similar if not identical. From our perspective as a producer and DJ, the songs are near exact. Yes, there are changes in Cedric’s song but rest is mostly same. Sampling and plagiarism is now a hot topic in EDM. What are your thoughts? Is this legal or illegal? Creative or stealing? Wrong or right?

Solidisco Remix:
Cedric’s Songa:


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