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In March this year, CORI debuted with his track ‘Going Tonight’. It was his first track to ever see the daylight under his own alias.

CORI is heavily inspired by the Swedish legend Tim Bergling, CORI isn’t someone who’s completely new to the scene. CORI has been ghost-producing for several years and recently decided to start releasing under his own name.

CORI likes to create whatever music he pleases, he doesn’t really see genres as a real thing. He believes that’s where the real freedom in creativity is found. CORI also believes that experimenting is the key to success and also the key to having fun when creating music and that’s why CORI never will be bound to a specific genre.

‘Going Tonight’ and ‘Tim’ are just the beginning for this new artist. CORIs intention is to bring the world much joy with his music and there’s a lot more to come.

CORI is going to be one of the biggest artists this world has ever seen. Welcome to the journey of CORI.

To learn more about CORI check out his Artist page: HERE

You can find links to all CORI social profiles and more directly on his Artist page. We appreciate your support of this new artist! We are honored to be working with him.


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