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We got a chance to catch up without newest artist CORI on his second single release (first with UR) “Tim.” CORI is a very passionate and talented producer heavily inspired¬†by Avicii. To learn more about CORI check out his biography HERE. You can also follow CORI and learn more about his music through his artist profile HERE.

In a few short words, who are you?
I’m a 20-year-old producer that has just started to work with Uninvented records and all their branches! Happy to see what the outcome will be!

Why did you become an artist?
I became an artist just to mainly be able to share my music with the world. It’s my way of connecting with people. Sure you could do it in other ways like producing for other people and so on. You would still be able to share your music but not under your own name and then people won’t know that it’s your feelings that contributed or made you want to do the track. With my tracks, I want to tell a story and I want people to know that it’s me telling it. It doesn’t have to be that big of a story with each track but some track will tell a story in some kind of way.¬† That’s something you should always have in mind when listening to any of my tracks!

What do you do when you’re not in the studio?
When I’m not in the studio I’m usually exercising. I love tennis! After I’ve had some hours in the morning producing I often exercise in any way possible. And if I’m not exercising I’m spending time with my family.

What do you cherish most in life?
Easy question. The things I cherish the most in life are family and friends. I also do cherish the gift of being able to live my life without big health issues like diseases and so on. That’s something you often take for granted but once you don’t, you will feel kind of lucky.

What artists inspire you the most?
I have to say Tim Bergling was the person that inspired me the most. Besides that, I guess I’m mostly inspired a little bit by everyone, but I do not have any specific names other than Tim. I do however find artists that stay relevant over the course of a long time is very inspiring overall! To name a few: Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, David Guetta.

What is your goal as an artist?
My goal as an artist is to be as innovative as possible. I always want to strive for the new stuff because that’s where all the fun is. If you keep recreating an old sound or recreating something somebody else has already done it’s very boring to produce. I always want to find ways of creating new and exciting stuff for my listeners!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Woah. In five years I have no idea where I’m at! Hopefully, I’m doing something I enjoy very much. That’s everything you should strive for in life.

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