Our Mission Statement and Values
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Uninvented Records creates symbiotic relationships with artists based on respect, transparent communication, and integrity. Most modern-day record labels diminish art and take advantage of talented/vulnerable artists in the name of corporate interest.

The principles are values of Uninvented Records is in the best interest of our artists. Our legal team has gone above and beyond to make sure each artist’s contract receives a tailored record deal which reflects decency and value.

Uninvented Records does not believe in taking advantage of artists but rather working with artists for the long term. Uninvented Records will never conform to the industry standard model for “manipulating artists with legal restraint” but rather, will be building a family of like-minded and like-hearted creative people.

The Uninvented Records motto is, “To treat artists how we would like to be treated.” Treating others with love and respect is easy because we are artists as well as experienced music business professionals. Uninvented Records is acting as, what Buddha would say, “The change we wish to see in the world.” But in our case, within the microcosm the music industry.

Ethos and Missions StatementKriss Walas Founder of Uninvented Records

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Uninvented Records (UR) is more than just a record label. Uninvented Records is a unique and innovative “Artist Development” platform designed to assist artists in creating and sustaining a career in the music industry.

Uninvented Records operates under a “community and family-based mindset” founded upon the strong ideals of cooperation and collaboration, never competition. Uninvented Records is not in the business of “shotgunning singles. UR is all about investing time, energy, and money into our artists, who will have a fruitful future in music.

“The only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation.”

-Bertrand Russell

Uninvented Records offers artists friendship, mentorship, and nearly 20 years of experience in every facet of the music industry. Uninvented Records has an extensive network of sponsors, business partners, affiliates, and a dedicated team working around the clock at an efficient level.

Our unprecedented 75/25 campaign helps artists grow at a rapid rate. We are about action, not words. We will always be consistent, motivated, and passionate. At UR we are a family and thrive on a connection by working together with our artists as a team. As the Three Musketeers said, “ONE for ALL and ALL For ONE.”

A New Paradigm For The Outdated Record Label ModelA Community and Cooperation Based Platform

Uninvented Records offers the following services: Music production assistance, analog stem mixing/mastering, global distribution, music publishing, PR assistance, social media mentorship, music licensing, promotion, marketing, advertising consulting, brand development, and most of all – experienced, objective, and professional catering to the unique needs of each of our small number of signed artists.

Uninvented Records is partnered with The Continuum Music Studio and offers all signed artists complete production, mixing, and mastering services. Uninvented Records also works with a wide range of artists is honored to have connected many artists over the years together for collaborations and features through The Continuum Music Studio.

The Continuum Music Studio shares the vision of Uninvented Records. The Continuum Music Studio has worked with over 1000 artists locally and internationally since 2010. The Continuum Music Studio works with over 100 of the best names in pro audio including SSL, API, Empirical Labs, Maselec, Prism Sound, Maag Audio, Universal Audio, Trident Audio, and many more.

Uninvented Records cares about the artists we work with and deeply value the establishing and retaining personal relationships/friendships. We feel this is vital to any business industry and is currently absent in the present record label model.

“All lasting business is built upon friendship.” – Alfred A. Montapert

Brand Development and LongevityCreate and Sustain a Career in Music

Uninvented Records is proud to be a highly connective company within the disconnected music industry. We only do business via phone or video conference. We are about “the human element” and making a genuine connection with our artists.

We will be only signing a select handful of undiscovered and serious artists each year. A small “community and family of artists” ensures the blooming of healthy relationships. UR will always have time to connect and support our artists with our time, awareness, and presence. With UR you will get personal communication, mentorship, and professionalism.

“For me it is common sense to treat other people as you would like to be treated. Empathy is a broad concept, but how do we get there? People get there differently, but I get there by building a little trust and connection. You’ll tell me something, and then I act on it, and it builds itself.” – Oscar Munoz

UR is all about action, the integrity of our word, and consistency. Rather than judging us by what we say, write, or present online, judge us by how we treat you personally.

Judge us based on how we interact to your face. With UR it will always be about honesty, respect, and unwavering consistency.

A Connected and Authentic ExperienceCultivating Friendships Through Open Communication and Integrity

We work with SoundCloud Repost Networks, Spotify Curators, Remix Contest Platforms, and have a network of over 150 companies working with us to achieve maximum exposure for our artists. We value relationships with our partners, sponsors, and artists. We treat people how we would like to be treated.

Uninvented Records Marketing Team

Uninvented Records Is a Label Ran For Artists, By Artists.

Though we are a new record label, we have nearly 20 years of experience in the music industry between songwriting, production, audio engineering, touring, artist management, artist development, distribution, marketing, and more.
Uninvented Records

We have an immense passion for artist development. The era of social media has made it easier for artists to be discovered but harder to manage a full-time career.

Proper marketing and branding takes years of trial and error and direct experience. We have designed a well-oiled machine to render a high success rate for our artists.

Uninvented Records Marketing Team

Connect With Us and Our Artists. We Value Relationships.

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