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Galactic Groove (Jeremiah Jones) – Biography

Galactic Groove is an American Music Producer, Composer, Drummer, DJ, Father, and EDM Artist signed to Uninvented Records. Jeremiah produces his music from scratch and leans heavily on his emotions, perceptions, and life experiences to express himself through his energetic and intoxicating brand of music.

Galactic Groove’s compositions are a mixture of several EDM genres. Jeremiah is highly eclectic in his inspirations as he is a true lover of music. Jeremiah’s influences include Daft Punk, Skrillex, Bassnectar, 311, Tool, and many more iconic artists who have changed the way we experience music as a culture.

Jeremiah has been playing drums for most of his life. Jeremiah has played countless shows with his cornucopia of bands as he has a passion for playing live and feeling the synergy with other artists in real time. Jeremiah loves rock, metal, hip-hop, trap, dubstep, and additional energy infused electronic genres.

Galactic Groove’s music is designed to take his listeners on an exciting journey. Jeremiah believes in love, freedom, kindness, and growth. Jeremiah loves music that pushes the boundaries. Jeremiah gravitates towards upbeat and energetic music which has a prevailing intensity. Jeremiah said in his interview, “I love that it brings all different types of people together with a common bond of shaking their asses, lol. I also love that it’s another form of communication that can help express who we are without words. It’s my favorite form of expression and my passion!” Check out the full interview HERE.

Jeremiah is going to make it his life’s mission to have amazing experiences, meet amazing people, and to enrich his life and other’s lives through music. Jeremiah lives life fully and creatively with unconditional love, positive energy, and enjoyment.

By being a man for others, a father, and a friend to those whom he is close, Jeremiah genuinely has the ability connect with his fans. Jeremiah has strong intentions to be a positive influence in other people’s lives by sharing his music, creative expressions, and personal experiences.  Jeremiah is a man who sees his life, children, family, friends, and fans as a gift and is thankful for each moment. Jeremiah endeavors to always be ROLE MODEL as an artist and a dominant force of LOVE in the world.

You can learn more about Galactic Groove and his musical ventures through the following links. For more info on the mixing and mastering of “Ignition” check out The Continuum Music Studio. This is the official studio for Uninvented Records.

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