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August 31, 2018by Uninvented Records

What can you tell us about your new song Light Beam (feat. Lucid Artifact)?

The light beam is about being a beacon of light in a world of duality, even when the darkness and
evil empires appear to be the most powerful forces at times. It’s all about listening to your heart
and going against the grain of society, and even the majority of people because most are lost in
their fears, sadness, anger, and victimhood. It’s also about facing the darkness inside yourself
that are causing unhappiness and let it go so you’re able to love yourself and others.

How did you meet Lucid Artilect?

I went to a house party that was having an open jam with a food truck outside. He owned the
food truck and served me some amazing food, and then later jumped on the mic and spit some
knowledge. I told him I liked what he was saying, and that the flow of his voice also sounded
really good. I gave him my business card and told him we should collaborate.

How is it working with a vocalist in the studio?

It’s cool…I just let them do their thing over my beats while I’m just hitting record and getting lots
of takes. The real work is later when they are gone…going through all their takes and figuring out
what sounds good and where.

Have you ever recorded live instruments also?

Yeah…I’ve recorded vocals, guitar, and bass for a couple guys over some beats in Ableton for
their rock song. I’ve also recorded some live flute and drums that I played to put in songs I’ve
worked on in the past, but I mostly just do everything on my computer. I also don’t really prefer
to produce other people’s music…I’ve had a friend of a friend trying to get me to record his
whole band a little while back. I told him it’s a lot of work and I was open to it if they could pay
me. He didn’t like that for some reason and gave me an attitude, oh well.

Do you ever do your own vocals?

I have, but not too much…I don’t think I have the best voice, but my wife and I did recently
record a video of ourselves rapping over a beat I had just made that morning, and she posted it
to Facebook. It got a lot of plays and people seemed to like it, but it also didn’t hurt that our
daughter got in the video and was very cute rocking out to our song.

How important are the lyrics to you?

For my songs, it’s important to have them be positive or just basic and catchy, but when in
comes to other peoples songs it’s not too important what they’re saying, as long as it sounds
good to me. A lot of the time I’m not even listening to what they’re saying, but more how it goes
with the music.

Do all of your songs have vocals?

No, most of my earlier songs before signing to Uninvented Records didn’t have any vocals, and
my next single coming out after this one just has a couple lines of sampled astronaut voices.

Live vocalist or not when you play out?

Mostly no, but I am looking forward to maybe performing this song live with Lucid Artifact, and
any other local talent I may collaborate with in the future. That would be dope!

How do you get into a creative zone?

Sometimes I start watching production tutorials if I’m not feeling very creative, and then I
usually end up learning and creating something new which turns into a song. Some days it just
doesn’t happen even if a try to force it…I’ll still create something, but usually won’t even like it
because I wasn’t feeling it in the first place. Other times I just have to sit down in front of my
computer and start playing around with sounds until I get inspired by something and then start
building from there. But recently I just have more of an idea of what I’m wanting to create so it’s
been easier, and if I’m not feeling it for some reason I won’t force it.

How do you balance being a father, husband, and producer?

I do my best to stay in the moment with whatever I’m doing while also working on being more
flexible about it at the same time. Many times in the past my wife and kids have needed me
when I thought I’d be able to work on music. It used to be really hard to shift because I had
different plans for the day, but I’m getting better at it. It was also hard after our first child was
born because I was used to having way more free time. I used to like to stay up late working on
music, but that doesn’t work so well when your kid’s waking up around 6 am. I’ve now trained
myself to be more of a morning person and to just do what I can when I have the time. My wife
is also very supportive about making sure I have some good time to work on music. It just takes
some time to figure out a good balance, and to learn what works and what doesn’t…kinda like
life in general.

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