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Our newest artist Galactic Groove, sat down with us to share a bit on his life, music making process, and why is loves being alive!

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Who Are You as a human and as a Music Producer?

– I believe in love, freedom, kindness, and growth! I love new music that pushes the boundaries, and I gravitate towards upbeat energetic music that is intense and also lifts my spirits! I’ve played drums in multiple bands from metal to funk to hip-hop, and I love just jamming out! Eventually, I started doing everything on my own with the computer and a keyboard and then ended up moving to LA to attend Icon Collective about 7 years ago. I’ve just been producing on my own ever since… I miss jamming out with other people sometimes, but not the drama that comes along with being in a band.

What means the most to you about music in general?

– I love that it brings all different types of people together with a common bond of shaking their asses, lol. I also love that it’s another form of communication that can help express who we are without words. It’s my favorite form of expression and my passion!

What is your goal as an artist – What are you looking to do in your career?

-My goal is to have amazing experiences, meet amazing people, and to enrich my life and other lives through music…I also feel like music helps me get through to this amazing feeling of unconditional love, energy, and enjoyment…it feels like I reach a new level of consciousness through music sometimes. I also just want to be a positive influence in other people’s lives by sharing my personal experiences.

Why do you love your new release? Tell us about it?

“Ignition” is basically a song that came about after going through the fire and coming out the other side stronger and inspired! It’s been a big couple years of major personal growth for me with raising two young kids, and also separating from my wife for a while at the same time. After separating we also moved halfway across the country to Colorado…leaving my comfort zone, attachments, and expectations behind. Following my heart and knowing that everything was going to be ok, as long as I remained true to myself, is how I’ve been able to deal with everything. Now I’m back together with my wife and there’s more passion than ever in our relationship and also in my music. We are moving back to Oregon now, but everything has been the “Ignition” that was needed at the time.

Who are your music idols?

–Daft Punk, innovators of the electronic music

-Skrillex, he took electronic music to a whole nother level!

-Bassnectar, he not only makes great bass music which inspired me to get into producing bass music, but he also works to make the world a better place.

-311, they’re still making feel-good music and remaining relevant after all these years.

-Tool, always doing their own thing and being weird, but also spiritual and inspiring at the same time. They also aren’t afraid of exposing and facing their shadow sides, which is important when it comes to personal growth.

Tell us about your music making process. What is your flow?

-I usually start with a song that’s inspiring me at the moment, and then I take that vibe and feel and let it guide me into creating my own unique musical expression.

What else do you do other than music? Tell us a bit about your personal life?

-I’m an adult who is not going to lose the kid in me that loves to play, dance, laugh, and enjoy life. I’m busy navigating marriage, fatherhood, and the creative journey of following my bliss. I also trust the universe….knowing that all is as it should be in this impermanent crazy mystery we call life. I also love nature, hiking, bowling, bike riding, art, movies, reading, live music, and some mindless TV sometimes.

What are the three most important things to you in life?

-My family, my music, and my joy!


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