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November 3, 2018by Uninvented Records

Our top-notch artist Galactic Groove has released his 4th original single “Take Flight” and it is a dubstep trap fusion that is set to inspired anyone! This high energy dancefloor banger shows that Galactic Groove is truly a multi-dimensional artist. He is truly starting to find “his sound” while enjoying the art of being highly experimental and creative. We are honored to be working with this artist, as the sky is the limit for his creativity and unique musical expressions.

Tell us about “Take Flight,” how was this track conceived”?

-Take Flight is my first single on Uninvented Records that doesn’t feature a rapper at all. I actually had one lined up, but as the song progressed I started to realize it didn’t need one. This song is about getting my negative self out of the way of my creative self so that I can sore. Not listening to the part of me that says, I’m not good enough, I don’t have what it takes, and I don’t deserve to make it more than all the ones who haven’t. It’s about believing in myself, and in doing so, starting to unleash my full potential. This doesn’t happen overnight, but I’ve really been working on this all year, and I’m only getting started. I used to listen to my favorite artists and say, “I can never create something like this.” Now I listen to them and say, “This is great, I know I can make stuff like this too.’ Anyway, it’s all subjective. Like they say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Well, it’s also in the ears of the beholder. One person’s garbage is also another person’s treasure. If we strive to live a turned on and joyful life, it’s much easier to see and hear the treasures all around.

How’d you come up with the name Galactic Groove?

-I was thinking of names for a few weeks, and one day it just popped in my head, and I thought it had a really nice ring to it. I’m also totally fascinated with the vastness of outer space, and I also love getting into good grooves when it comes to life…when everything just flows nicely and I feel and top of the world. I’ve definitely gotten in ruts for long periods also, but I always work my way back. I’ve done a lot of personal work looking at, and letting go of, the negative thoughts that hold me back and keep me from being in my groove.

Does everything flow easily and nicely now after so much personal work?

-Here and there it does, but there’s always something that knocks me out of my groove eventually, but the ruts seem to be getting shorter and shorter…maybe someday they’ll stop happening altogether, but I’m not sure.  This summer here in Southern Oregon it’s been the smoke from all the fires in Oregon and California that took me out of my groove for a little bit. Also getting covered in Poison Oak after doing some yard work, and then having to go on oral steroids for it. That medication was intense…talk about feeling weird!

What keeps you going musically?

-It’s just part of me, and I get depressed if I don’t make music or think about giving it up. It hasn’t always been easy finding motivation year after year especially when it started to feel like no one really cared or would even listen to it in the first place, but it’s also been therapeutic at the same time getting to the core of why I make music and the fact that it doesn’t really matter if no one listens to it, because I still need to create my music for myself.

Any collabs or remixes in the future?

-None planned currently, but I’m open.

Do you go to many festivals?

-Yes, well I used to go to a lot more than I do now with kids and everything, but I’ve been to a lot in my lifetime. Nowadays I feel like I’ll go to more when I’m playing at them…that’s the goal anyway!

What do you like about festivals and festival culture?

-I love the freedom! It’s mostly all like-minded individuals who are very open-minded and just cool! I love seeing all the beautiful, loving, open-minded people all in one place, and it really makes me wonder what kind of movement we could create if we all worked together to help stop the violence, corruption, greed, judgment and hate that is so present in our society. Lol, I know it’s much easier said than done though. We truly just need to start with and focus on, ourselves…which can still take lifetimes.

Do you think music can help change the world for the better?

-For sure, and it has! It really has the ability to touch the heart of anyone whose heart isn’t completely shut down, and it also has the ability to bring together all walks of life in a celebration of life.

To learn more about Galactic Groove check out his official Artist Page. The page is complete with a full catalog of his 2018 release, social links, booking info, and much more.

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