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February 11, 2018by Uninvented Records

Heart Rate is an American DJ, Musician, Music Producer, Educator, Writer, Videographer, Entrepreneur, Record Label Owner, Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer, active Meditator, Spiritual Activist, Raw Lifer, and Animal Lover.

Heart Rate’s compositions are a mixture of several EDM and traditional genres. Some of his favorite genres are Pop, Rock, Electro-House, Progressive EDM, Trance, Chillstep, Dubstep, Future Bass, Bass House, Trap, and many other sub-genres of EDM. All productions are recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered from The Continuum Music Studio, which is owned, by the artist and his business partners.

Heart Rate’s music is designed to take all listeners on an emotional journey. A journey that will take all people deep within themselves. Heart Rate’s ambition is to give people the confidence to BE themselves and LOVE themselves. Heart Rate’s art is a fusion of energy, emotion, range, depth, and most of all: HEART.

Heart Rate is dedicated to achieving these “3 C’s” with his music:

  1. Connection– To be connected to his audience in highly personal, approachable, and meaningful way.
  2. Contribution-To give back to the world through education. To serve aspiring artists, music producers, audio engineers, sponsors, and fans.
  3. Community– To create and sustain authentic and long-lasting relationships everyone who is, directly and indirectly, a part of his life.

Kriss Walas is a 32-year old man who offers positive vibes to the world. Kriss treats people how he would like to be treated. Kriss will do whatever he can to make someone’s day special. Kriss loves to connect with people and contribute to the lives of many in healthy ways. Kriss knows people are looking for a connection, and fully intends on being an artist that relates to his fans and has the ability to connect with all people through music.

Kriss is an advocate for living a lifestyle that is massively infused with Zen and passion. Kriss lives in a deep state of gratitude for life. Kriss has confidence in who he is and what he does. Kriss has a unique skill set, unlike any artist. He has multiple disciplines as a musician, producer, engineer, and businessman. His productions resonate with a vintage vibe and contemporary excitement. His personality is warm and he is always looking for ways to help others when he can. He is influenced by all genres and challenges anyone who hears his music to say he sounds like anyone other than himself.

We don’t go as far as to say Kriss is a prodigy (as he does not prefer to label himself as anything except a loving human), but we will say he is something truly special and his heart is in the right place. Kriss knows the power of inner motivation, self-love, and gratitude. Kriss is a man who sees life as a gift and is thankful for each moment. Kriss lives in awareness, acceptance, and trust. Kriss endeavors to always be ROLE MODEL as an artist and a powerful force of LOVE in the world.

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