Metro Detroit based Hip-Hop and Electronic artists HyDeF Society will be releasing their debut commercial single “F.O.E” on July 4th, 2018. The release will feature all members of HyDeF Society, SyDeKIK, SKiZM, & Thee Professor, both lyrically and instrumentally. A music video will accompany the release.

The track will be promoted digitally via the group’s 2 million+ social media presence provided by All Free Repost, a promotion arm of their label. The music video will feature iconic locations and street art that embody the boldness and creativity shown in the current rebirth of Detroit, driving home the message of the track, “Never take away our freedom of expression”.

HyDeF Society was created in 2014 when Electronic artists, TOKSIK (Jesse Hardin) and Majestic Moose (Brendan Cervone), decided to combine their talents. Since the group was founded, HyDeF Society has released 26 tracks independently and has worked with talented up-and-coming producers. The group has also added member Thee Professor (Jacob Gorton) to the group as a lyricist.

Please get in touch with Brendan or Jesse at for interviews or further information about the release.

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