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We all remember that song when the girl goes “You blocked me on Facebook? Now you are going to die” Yes, we are talking about Knife Party’s “Internet Friends” which received worldwide success just a few years ago. The British and Australian iconic Drum’n’Bass band Pendulum is the brainchild of Rob Swire. For those who do not know, Knife Party is Rob’s side project to Pendulum.

EDM news pages this week reported Rob Swire mentioned the new Pendulum’s album will not come as a full-length album but a several EP’s. This release includes the Knife Party EP. The last album coming from both projects were Pendulum’s 2010 “Immersion” and Knife Party’s “Abandon Ship” in 2014. Knife Party also released “Trigger Warning” in 2015 and “Battle Sirens” in 2016.

Virtual Riot criticised Knife Party for releasing a remix on Pendulum’s iconic “Blood Sugar/, Virtual Riot went on a Twitter and said, “Why is this Knife Party’s remix of Blood Sugar so terrible.” There is a storm around why the song sounded lifeless or as many said terrible. In our opinion, it’s actually good track. We still want to see both groups back at in the festival scene with new music to tour with.

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Song Source Courtesy of Knife Party and Youtube

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