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August 31, 2018by Uninvented Records

We are proud to announce the new single from Galactic Groove called “Light Beam (feat. Lucid
Artilect).” Galactic Groove (Jeremiah Jones) is an American Music Producer, Composer,
Drummer, DJ, Father, and emerging artist. Galactic Groove is heavily inspired by contemporary
EDM, dubstep and trap music while staying true to his roots in rock and metal. Galactic
Groove’s productions offer intricate drum work (from his years as a drummer in bands) with
energy-infused sound design to rock a dance floor with some fire!

Galactic Groove’s music is designed to take his listeners on an exciting journey. Galactic
Groove’s new single “Light Beam (feat. Lucid Artilect)” (signed to Uninvented Records) fuses
hip-hop vocals by Lucid Artilect with intoxicating EDM, Trap, and Jungle synths, beats, and
instruments. Light Beam is about being a beacon of light in a world of duality, even when the
darkness and evil empires appear to be the most powerful forces at times. It’s all about listening
to your heart and going against the grain of society, and even the majority of people because
most are lost in their fears, sadness, anger, and victimhood. It’s also about facing the darkness
inside yourself that are causing unhappiness and letting it go so you’re able to love yourself
and others.

“Jeremiah is going to make it his life’s mission to have amazing experiences, meet amazing
people, and to enrich his life and other’s lives through music. Jeremiah lives life fully and
creatively with unconditional love, positive energy, and enjoyment.” This is a direct quote from
the artist, a man who truly loves making music and enriching the lives of others. To read the full
biography go HERE. Galactic Groove is geared up to have a long and prolific career in the
music industry. Uninvented Records is honored to be working with Jeremiah as we see a world
of potential in him.

You can learn more about Galactic Groove and his musical ventures through the following links.
For more info on the mixing and mastering of “Light Beam (feat. Lucid Artilect)” check out The
Continuum Music Studio. Make sure to stay up to date with our label on social media and
directly on our site. Galactic Groove has two more bangers set for release this summer! For
booking information or additional information on the Galactic Groove please contact us via our
contact page or email. Galactic Groove is currently available for small tours and shows
preferably near his home state of Oregon on the West Coast of the US.

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