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September 17, 2018by Uninvented Records

No Good is an American musician, music producer, vocalist, DJ, guitarist, mixing engineer, mastering engineer, communications engineer, signal processing engineer, and avid cat owner signed to Uninvented Records.

Since being an engineer is what keeps his lights on, education has been a large part of his life. He received an AA from the University of Hawaii at Hilo in Music, a BS from the University of Idaho in Electrical Engineering, an MS and 9/10ths of a Ph.D. from Arizona State University in Electrical Engineering. Due to his extensive education and experience in signal processing No Good likes to do his own sound design from scratch.

Born and raised in Kailua Kona, he started playing the piano, guitar and constantly wrote new songs starting at a young age. As the son of a first chair violinist / classical pianist who’s brothers were well known Broadway musical singer/actors he has always been involved in music. Over time he has moved from performing and writing traditional band based music to electronica. He has been in music performance scene for over 17 years. He has been part of numerous jazz bands, a few punk rock bands, has had his own EDM radio show in Idaho called Harmonic Drive, and has been the resident DJ in CJ’s, the biggest nightclub in Idaho to name some of his performance achievements.

No Good has been producing electronica on a laptop for over 13 years. Over those years he has spent the majority of his time focusing on improving the quality of his productions and learning different methods of production while his compositions have progressed in the opposite direction of the majority. His early productions were immensely complex and intricate and thought out while his more recent productions are aimed at being as simplistic as possible. He often takes different key elements from various genres and places them together in a song of an entirely different genre in a subtle way such that they blend together to make something new.

No Good’s principal issue with music production is getting the ideas out of his head. Although most of his productions are composed by yelling into his phone while he drives to work he is a huge proponent of having a different process for each of his productions and therefore relishes collaborations with other artists.

In general No Good likes to keep his compositions on the upbeat and happy side of things as he is a hopeless optimist in life and wants that to be the primary feeling that is conveyed by his music. All of his compositions attempt to impart a specific set of his thoughts and emotions to the listener. This causes him to be extremely thoughtful with his words and subject material as a vocalist, as he is very invested in the message and the effect that the lyrics have on the emotions conveyed in the song.

Having recently gone through a one third life crisis, No Good has refocused what efforts he devotes his time and energy to and is therefore ultra-passionate about connecting with his fans. Due to the serious nature of his day job he loves any chance to learn about the life of someone else and engage in activities that he would not do otherwise. That is part of what led him to help co-found the Audio Apostles Collective, a community of music producers that is targeted at giving producers the tools necessary for self-improvement and the support network by which they can gain recognition for their amazing work and achievements.

No Good’s focus with his music career now is to just get his music out into the world for people to hear with the hopes that they will enjoy it and be left in a happier state than were before they heard it.

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