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September 25, 2018by Uninvented Records

We are proud to announce the premier track “H3LP” from the newest Uninvented Records artist No Good.

No Good has been producing electronica on a laptop for over 13 years, but his compositions have progressed in the opposite direction of the majority. His early productions were immensely complex, intricate, and thought out. In stark contrast, his more recent productions are aimed at being as simplistic as possible. This is not only in order not only to facilitate in helping No Good get his ideas out of his mind and into the computer but also to help focus the elements that he presents to the listener.

Fresh off his one third life crisis, armed with his new approach to his compositions and life, he is excited to kick off his SAD (Song A Day) series with this single. The SAD series came about based on his desire to simplify the song making process, to creatively confine his productions and ideas so that the results were more focused, and to increase his productivity by making a song a day.

At the same time, he wanted to revitalize the doo-wop genre in a more modern format. Because of his never-ending positivity, he wanted to write songs that had an upbeat and happy feel to them, but he did not want to be confined to happy subject content.

His SAD songs are subtle juxtapositions that take different key elements from various genres and place them together in a cohesive way. Rather than being radical and drawing your attention, they are meant to be subtle and blend in. Taking H3LP for example, this track was meant to give the feeling of his island roots and reggae to a doo-wop style pop song with future synths. It has been described by critics and record labels as unique and inspiring and as credible 8-bit future bass. Early access listeners called it an achievement and were intrigued to know more about the artist who could conceive of and perform an idea such as this.

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