We Offer Signed Artists A Complete Package To Be Successul

Production, Mixing, and Mastering
Global Distribution
PR, Marketing, Music Publishing, and Licensing.
Social Media Mentorship, Management, and Artist Development.

Our Network Promotion, Marketing, and Global Exposure

Our team leaders and staff have been involved in the music industry for nearly 20 years.
We have an extensive catalog of partners who work hand in hand with our label and artists.
Our mission is to gain the most exposure for our artists while doing so in cost/time effective manner.
Tracking, Song Writing, Arrangement, Composition, Sound Design, and Music Production
Analog Mixing, Custom Analog Summing, A Wide Range of Vintage and Modern Hardware
Analog Mastering Powered By The Maselec MTC-1X Transfer Console and Prism Sound Conversion
Unique Artist Development for Career Sustaining Relevance, Longevity, and Success
We Have Over 18 Years Experience in The Music Industry and Know How To Get Results
A Creative/Experienced Team Specializing in Marketing, PR, and Promotion for Max Exposure

Our Studio - The Continuum Music StudioSTUDIO PARTNERS

Our studio works with the biggest names in pro audio engineering.
To see more gear in detail go to the official studio website.
Our studio has been in business since 2010.
We are located in Sacramento, CA.

Connect With Us and Our Artists. We Value Relationships.

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