NewsTwo of the Biggest Stars Release BIG Tracks

For anyone who is following Marshmello, it is certainly news that he has returned to his OG style. His latest productions offer the “catchy tune” dynamic, detailed production work, and clear Mello style featured in his new song “Tell Me.” The new single is going to be a staple in the summer EDM festival circuit without a doubt! The artist will be releasing an album this year and has denoted this track to be the lead single. More music from Melo on the horizon.

Remember Skrillex? We do. In fact, we miss the Skrillex of Bangarang. Skrillex has been working hard¬†with Diplo (as we all know) and just dropped his¬†collaboration with Yellow Claw. While this is an exciting release, it is not the reason we are covering the artist. Skrillex also dropped a new remix of the iconic Pendulum track “The Island pt.1.” We here at UR are huge Pendulum fans. Big ups Sonny!


Links to Both Tracks:

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