Music PromotionSoundCloud: 5 Tips for Optimizing Music

September 4, 2018by Uninvented Records

SoundCloud is still considered the top, if not one of the top 3 platforms (depending on who you ask, in the music business for new artists who are looking to gain exposure on a global level. No matter what genre of music an artist is creating SoundCloud offers fans to steam for free, the option for free and straightforward downloading of HQ tracks, and ease of use. SoundCloud provides many advantages to artists as many PR, blog, and record labels run channels, download gates are an option for those artists looking to gain followers, and SoundCloud has the most massive “repost” facilities for music promotion online.

Many people are overwhelmed these days with the high number of platforms to discover music. Artists especially feel overwhelmed by the number of platforms, because more platform = more time uploading and more money to promote. Every year new platforms emerge like Tidal (owned by Jay-Z and company) who have been accused of boosting plays with bots as of Summer 2018. For the full article on Tidal go HERE.

We are going to release an article soon on the best platforms to promote music on, so check back soon! Uninvented Records works closely with SoundCloud Repost Networks, Spotify Curations, PR Firms, Marketing Firms, and Advertising Agencies (targeting social media ads). The Uninvented Records mission is to offer new emerging artists a “one-stop shop” system which is plug and play! If you are not currently signed with Uninvented Records, contact us today HERE or submit demos HERE to learn more about our infrastructure which empowers artists to be creative while we help with the promotion!

Tip 1 -Clean Names

You need to keep your song, album, remix, or playlist name clean. Doing this will comply with the rules of SoundCloud (Copyright, Unreadability, censorship, Duplication). Bottom line –  if you want fans to listen to your songs keep the names clean.

Example of what you need to do and not to do : 

Bad Name: TrueLoveXVersion1.0
Good Name: Your stage name – True Love ( here input if it is a remix, bootleg, or just OUT NOW or something… be creative)

Tip 2 – Metadata, Descriptions, and Images

Every song might or might not have a picture but its good to have one. Why? It gives your song a soul a resemblance to what you accomplished with this song. The description is a crucial part of any song. In the Description, you should put things like Record Label (If you are part of one), song details like where the song was mixed (or by yourself), where the song was mastered, lyrical content, you get the picture. Metadata is the link between your fans finding your music organically and promotion firms (like us here at Uninvented) can promote songs more effectively.

Tip 3 – Tags 

Tags are incredibly important. Tags are the pathway of the song. Tags should be centered around yourself, your style of music, your city, your county and other personal details. Tagging your genre, subgenre, and anything else that will appeal to fans hunting for music is always a smart idea. Bottom Line – Keep your tags on point all the time.

Tip 4 – Building A Music Discography 

A music discography is an artist personal online store. A music discography offers your library to the public, one while you are the copyright owner. Music lasts the test of time, and no artist knows when “the big break will come.” Manage your online presentation with care, as anything is possible.

Tip 5 – Multiple Song Editing

Soundcloud gives you the ability to edit multiple songs at once. SoundCloud is primed for singles, EPs, and full Album Releases. You have the option to upload multiple tracks at once, and then edit individually at your leisure. Publishing in the fashion is an excellent tool for releasing tracks slowly or making changes as you go.

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