NewsTop 10 Album Releases of 2018 (So Far)

So this year started off with a massive amount of fantastic music. We are now halfway through the year and can not wait to see what the remainder of this year offers new and groundbreaking releases! Here is the Top 10 (so far).

10: 3lau – Ultraviolent (Blume)

3lau’s new album showed us that Big Room house is still alive (it never really died, lol). Many artists dream of having a record like this under their belt. Everything from song structure to production, to mixing, is just on point!

9: Sango – In Comfort of (Last Gang)

One of the most underrated and still most inventive producers (to this day) is Sango’s. His new Hip Hip Electronic inspired album is killing it! The album is blowing up the charts. Prepare to see a lot more of this artist in the future.

8: Joe Ford – Colours in Sound ( Shogun)

Joe Ford’s debut album “Colours in Sound” was a perfect release for 2018. If you have not listened yet, check it out!

7: Moby – Everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt (Little Idiot)

The veteran is still making waves in music. Moby is one of few artists in EDM history to sustain a long and prolific career. Whether you are a fan or not, you have to respect how long Moby has been in the game.

6: Kasbo – Place we don’t know ( Foreign Family)

You will probably criticize us for putting Kasbo’s new album outside the top 5. Kasbo’s Future Bass style release is stable, catchy, offers killer songwriting, and is produced at a high level. We feel this album shows promise but that better release are coming.

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